Tell me about your odd Goose Friends


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Aug 21, 2011
San Diego
So beside my geese being friends with a paddle boat, they have also make friends other birds. Various types of duck, such as wood ducks and american black ducks, would show up to at our pond. They would hang a few feet away from each other. I guess the geese would tell them all about the food around the pong and maybe the ducks would share tale of what it's like to be able to fly. Most recently the geese have made friends with a Great Blue Heron. He hung out with them all day and when I got home he was on the roof of the house near the goose bin. I guess he was watching over them.

Anyone have any other stories of odd things your geese have befriended?
Not to put a damper on this so to speak but Desert Darlene was saying one day about how many ducklings at her lake got eaten by Herons, so if you ever have ducklings just remember herons won't be their friends.

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