Tell Tale signs in Wyandotte chicks??


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I am going to be getting a few Wyandotte chicks this coming summer, getting 2 GLW and 2 SLW (only keeping 1 GLW and 1 SLW but getting more in case of a roo

I will be going to the pullet bin at my local feed store and getting them on their shipping date. Is there anything specific to look for to tell male from female with either SLW or GLW? Like how Barred Rock cockerels are lighter, more grey, not too much if any black wash on feet? Are there any telltale signs of SLW or GLW cockerel's and pullet's? Any input would be helpful

Also: If you own Wyandottes (especially hatchery) please do tell me anything you have experienced with this breed. Good and bad. Thanks!
I have both GLW's and SLW's. There really isn't any way I know of to sex them by color.

Although Wayandottes are supposed to have rose combs, two of my GLW's have traditional combs. This created lots of confusion for me as I thought this might be a distinction between cockerel and pullet. It's not. I read something last year about this and it had something to do with keeping broodiness traits with the standard combs and removing broodiness with the rose combs. Right now I have two broody hens. A GLW with a standard comb and an SLW with a rose comb. So I'm not sure how the broodiness/comb type relationship works. Both of my broodies are less than one year old too.

They laid eggs starting at 6 months and laid almost everyday throughout our long northern winter. The eggs aren't the largest but they're not small either.

I have one rooster (luck of the draw) SLW and he's worth every ounce of food he eats. He's saved my flock from Raptor attacks throughout the winter. I had at least four separate attacks that I'm confident would have resulted in losses if I didn't have the rooster.

All in all, wyandottes are great. Post some pics when you get them.


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