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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by lovemychicks9, Jun 5, 2008.

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    Apr 29, 2008
    South Carolina
    Okay kids I know that summer has it's bad parts but I want to share something to hopefully make you all feel a little better and make you smile. I know there are a lot of poo things about summers but I want to share some of my thoughts about summer and if I make anyone feel just a bit better then I am so happy to do it:
    I live in north central Arkansas and it is in the good old humid 90's already but it is all good. I live in the country and that is a dream come true for me, always wanted to.

    I love just getting out of bed each day and when I make it through the day I count that a true blessing. See I am a cancer survivor and that is a blessing in itself. I love seeing that hot old sun come up each morning and seeing those beautifuls sunsets each night. I love to see those big old fluffy clouds pass over head and I can't tell you how many pic's I have taken of them. I love hanging clothes on the line out back and bringing in the sweet smell of summer in the house each night, couldn't do that up north in the city.

    I lived in Michigan almost to the top of the lower penisula and we lived very close to Lake Huron on Tawas Bay. I so miss seeing that beautiful lake everyday but--- if I had stayed in Michigan I would never had been lucky enough to have all my fuzzy butts and I count my self so lucky to have them and to have found BYC and make so many wonderful friends that I can talk to each day.
    You girls and guys always make my day brighter and you give me so much joy knowing that I have a support system for the good and bad times, we all share the sorrow and rejoice together in the good times, share each others joys and pains. You all and my chickies make my life so much better and I thank you all so much for that.

    I love summer for all the good memories I make with the family cook outs we have, watching my granddaughters run through the sprinkler and squealing with laughter, playing in the wading pool with them , yes I have been known to play in the sprinkler and wading pool with them and laugh as loud as they do.
    I love all the beautiful birds that come to my feeders and put on a show for me, I love the sounds of those crickets chirping in the quiet stillness of the late eveining. I love those lazy afternoons just sitting in the shade watching the chicks peck and I giggle at the sight of them just attacking that ice cold watermelon.
    One of the best parts of summer? That ice cold watermelon that chills all the way down, and just watching the grand kids gobble it down with the juice dripping down their sweet chins, you just don't get that in the winter, yep the memories that I make each day I will always hold in my heart and I count each day a great one if I can share a little with my famiily and all of you. Yes summer has it's bad parts but I look forward to it because I know that fall is coming . Trudy [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    How sweet!

    I too am a cancer survivor. The way I see it.....any day above ground is a good day!

    (((HUGS))) to you.
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    Bless your little chicken-lovin', watermelon-slurpin' heart! I loved what you had to say. We should all be thankful for the little things that give us pleasure and count our blessings and wonderful memories! Here's to making more of them every day! [​IMG]
  4. lovemychicks9

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    Apr 29, 2008
    South Carolina
    Thanks for enjoying it. I hope more will read it and hopefully get a little smile today.
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    Feb 4, 2008
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    Thanks for sharing that! Yes there are some wonderful things about summer. I like all 4 seasons, they all have their pluses.

    I love watermelon too! It's a favorite treat for all my animals except the dogs and turtles. [​IMG]
  6. reteP

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    Oh yes love each and ever day. I know you have discovered how to live each and every day to its fullest! Each and every day that you are able to get out and enjoy whatever the weather is reason enough to be very very thankful. And I hope that each and every forum member has the best darn summer ever and that God gives a special Blessing to each and everyone of us!
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