Telling The Difference Between Male/Female California Quail Chicks?


6 Years
May 15, 2015
Okay so this is regarding about telling the male/female difference in a baby California valley quail. So, are there any visible differences (whether the difference is prominent or slight) between a male and female valley quail chick? I haven't had any valley quails yet, but I notice that there is a pale line running along their backs (I think it's more visible on the males):

Above: Look on their backs and you can see a thin, pale-colored line running along the center of their backs that contrasts with the thicker, dark-brown line on their backs.

So how can you tell if a baby California quail is a male or female?

Thanks in advance!
Method 1: Send a few feathers and a few dollars to someplace like this:

Method 2: Wait patiently until they are about four weeks old. The boys will start getting their black masks then.

Small variances in colouring or size in chicks has everything to do with genetics and nothing to do with sexual dismorphism. You will find a male quail chick will be more identical to his sister than a male quail from different parents.

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