Temecula valley- looking for 1-8 day baby chicks

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    Mar 29, 2016
    Hi, I am in Menifee in a 1/2 acre.

    We did build a chicken coop and chicken breeder and we are looking to buy 6-12 baby chicks

    I would prefer to but from a local breeder. We did go to the Orange Store yesterday , Wagon wheel and they did have some chicken breeds that we want but I know they order from New Mexico hatchery and I have never seen it so I don't know if it is risky to order from a place I have never been.

    Anyway, we are looking for not only good chicken layers but also chicks that are not flighty and loud and can withstand heat- triple digits here in the summer and good with kids too.

    So far I got- Cochins; Buff Orphintons, Sex links; Easter eggers and silkies and black australorps .

    Any local breeders that you know?

    Big thanks.


    Also- Are Ameraucanas Easter eggers or are these two different breeds? Wagon wheel said they are the same but per my research they are not
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    Apr 8, 2016
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