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Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
At 18 days old and fully featherd excpet part of there tummies , is it ok to not have heat on button and cortunix quail if you have them inside and in a draft free tub room temp not getting below 65-70 and probly about 72 ?
I have been taking mine outside at about 3 weeks, if they are almost feathered they shouldn't need any extra heat inside. They will actually get their feathers faster if the temps are lower. I think the most critical time is the first week, after that I would just go by how they act. If they pile up on each other, they are too cold
Hi shelly

your babies are growing like weeds I checked them all today , and at lest 3 have rust vent feathers So I think I will have at least a couple roos.
I coudnt tell on any of the 4 whiteish ones though , do they not get the vent feathers like the others or did I end up with all girls of that verity?
The pure white one shouldn't, but the others might. I think all my males do, but I also think they are all silvers or slates, and some are probably cinnamon mixed as well

The white one won't though, you'll just have to wait for that one
I didnt think I had more then one pure white but as of now in my little brooder I have a few black with chocolate markins , these are so beutifull I so hope they dont change but Im shure they will, some off white with splashes of butter scotch color, of course wild colored ones , one black brown and white speckled one thats just the coolest thing I have seen in awhile , then these whitish type ones that at first I thought were more like a silver or what not but not shure now. Ill take more pics next week when they are closer to 4 weeks old .
The whitish ones are probably ivories, they can get the colored vents as well. The black, white, and brown one is a red breast, and sounds like it might be a hen, from the description. That's the color of my one female. The off-white with butterscotch are probably cinnamon blueface, though I'd have to see pics to know for sure. Mine were kind of 'splash' looking before they got all their feathers. The black with chocolate markings ones I have no clue, I'd need pics

Can't wait for those pics!!
I will get new ones soon, i checked there vent feathers again last night as i was clipping wing feathers ( didnt help they still can zoom around like little hover chopters) and out of 6 wild type colors looks like 4 are roos (not shure how thats gonna work out unless I get lucky and all the white / ivory are girls ). 5 white / ivory or what not , no rust coloring but not only are they whiteish but these are all ther runts anyways and they have less feathering on there bellies as the rest anyways. 4 black and chocolate, 2 roos and 2 hens as far as I can tell. 3 white with carmal type splashes 1 roo 2 hens. 1 brown black white speckled looks like a hen.
So out of the ones I Think I can tell I have 7 hens and 7 roos and then the mystery 5 .

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