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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by mom'sfolly, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. mom'sfolly

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    Feb 15, 2007
    Austin area, Texas
    The incubator is set up, running and I am not very patiently waiting for eggs. The temp in the water wiggler is holding steady at 98.5, which I know is a little low. This is a homemade 'bator and the temperature setting is a little difficult. What I want to know is if it is better to keep a slightly lower temperature, or should I keep fiddling to get it that one degree higher? I'm going to try to confirm that the temperature is reading accurately. Will a cooler temperature kill eggs? Or will it just delay the hatch? I know from reading here that a too high temp will.


  2. arlee453

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    Aug 13, 2007
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    I'd keep bumping the thermostat up just a bare fraction at a time. Then wait at least 6 hours and check again.

    The range in the WW should be between 99.5- 100 and I think 98.5 is too low to get a good hatch. While it is true that a hair too low is better than too high, having it too low can cause other problems and it's worth the extra effort to get it closer to 99-100.

    It took me over a week to get my last bator running steady, but once I got it set, it's been in a very steady range - worth the aggravation of setting.

    The first bator I built, same thing - took a while to get it adjusted, but then was right on. When I fired it up again for this batch of eggs, I did not have to adjust it at all again - it warmed right up and held temps perfectly.
  3. seminolewind

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    Sep 6, 2007
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    I agree with Arlee.
  4. mom'sfolly

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    Feb 15, 2007
    Austin area, Texas
    I confirmed my temp with 3 digital fever thermometers and two read the same, so I'm going with my thermometer being accurate. I upped the temperature and it seems to be holding steady at 99.3. Now if the eggs would just get here, darned post office.
  5. Alleyoops25

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    May 14, 2007
    I have to say going to much higher above 100 you will have a horrific problem at hatch. I had mine set at 101 and I 3/4 of my hatch was early and they were born with their intestines on the outside of their bodies. Truly horrible. I was told it was a humidity problem. But i had the same luck the second try. I backed the temp. off to 99.5 and they all came out healthy and happy. Good luck!!

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