Temp variatons, Idea for air circulation.

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    I have a Hovabator 1602n still air. I am currently on my second attempt with nine eggs. I had temp holding steady at a 101.2 (for over a day) when I added the eggs. It immediately dropped the temp down to 99.3. After a few hours temp then climbed to 101.8. I have been making micro adjustments but can not keep it in the range 101. It either drops into the 99's or goes up to 101.8. Is this too high of a temp?
    As for a fan. I was thinking. I have a air pump for a fish tank and wouldn't you know it, the tubing fits perfectly into one of the vent holes on top. On my next attempt/batch, would this provide enough air circulation to be considered has having a fan? Does a pc fan added to still air kick on and off or does it run steady?

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    Hi. When I used my Hovabator, it took a while to figure out . First thing is to get some bubble wrap and loosley cover the bator with it. You can just cover the window. Just lay a piece on top. That will stablize the temp. Make sure you have a steady temp in the room.

    Next, what I used to do because those darn things are so hard to adjust, get the setting as close to 100.5 degrees as you can. Then get a regular table lamp and aim the light at the bator. Then, adjust the bator heat by the lamp, closer-warmer, farther-cooler.

    Also, when your chicks develop, they will throw more heat. And temp will also change when you up the humidity. But the lamp bulb is an easy fix. But basically , that window has no insulation whatsoever, and the bubble wrap will fix that.
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    I have the same bator but with circulated air and it holds perfect temp.. if you do put a fan in you want it to run all the time if you get a 12 volt fan just run the wire from a 12 volt transformer to the fan so its on all the time. if you get a 110 volt fan you can wire it straight to the hot wires insteat of the thermostat so it runs all the time..i firmly believe in circulated air to keep the temp more stable .. jmo..
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