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    Jan 3, 2010
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    before I buy chicks I,m check ing the tempature ,see I live in southern Louisiana and i am worried about cooking them under the heat lamp in the highs that it get in at noon time. I am looking what to do. do I turn off the lights when needed without flutuating the tempature for them . what is the best way for then , any suggestions would be helpful thanks
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    It is best to have an area under the heat light at 90-95* but it is equally important to have a cool area, that they can go to if they are too hot. For instance, if you have a Rubbermaid tote tub .... put the light at one end, and leave the other end without a light. They will go back and forth, in my experience.
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    If they are day olds, it should be 95 for the first week and go down 5 degrees each week until you get to your temp in the house.

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