Temperature and Newly Hatched Chickies

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    Feb 15, 2016
    In honor of my worried mother, she wants me to ask a question. I have one hatched chick in the incubator and plenty more starting to pip. Is it ok to leave it in the incubator at 99-100 degrees? She thinks that it will overheat, but I heard that it will be fine until most of the chicks hatch.
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    It's perfectly fine at that temp. (Just make sure you have vents open for air flow.) As a matter of fact for the first week you have chicks in the brooder they should have access to 95-100F in one end of the brooder.

    As to when you take the chicks out, that's a personal thing. Many wait until hatch is over, some wait until they are dry and then there are those of us that take them out as they hatch. Just make sure that if you are opening your bator during hatching that you have your humidity up past 70% to provide enough moisture for those pippers/zippers.

    Because I don't leave my chicks in to motivate the others to hatch I play chick chirping sounds at the bator from you tube. Works like a charm. [​IMG]

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