Temperature Spikes: Stories Wanted


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Jun 10, 2010
As everyone knows (or can find out in 2.3 seconds with a google search) the temp of your incubator should typically range between 98-102 degrees depending on the breed of bird you're hatching and type of bator you're using. However, a myriad of events can cause severe temperature spikes or drops- power outages, humidity flux, drafts, children, and temporary bouts of stupidity.

I myself am responsible for the last of those on my first hatch, when I placed my temporary brooder box (and its under-box heating pad) against the side of my incubator for half a day. The temp spiked up to around 106-107 and stayed there for at least half a day while I was away at work. This should, by all rights, have cooked everything inside, but only half the hatch died. ONLY the dark colored chicks died. Earlier today, another member posted about a temperature spike in her incubator due to child error on a hatch that was close to hatching (just like mine). She questioned if anyone's ever had chicks survive a temp spike, and since my curiosity is piqued, I'd like to ask.

Has anyone else ever had chicks survive a temp spike and if so, did you happen to notice any indication of why? Do you happen to remember the color of the chicks, if you cracked the eggs later? Obviously no one wants to have a temp spike in their incubator, but I'm curious about the effects near hatching and possible patterns others may have seen. Learning from mistakes is important, after all!

Thanks, Ked!

I'm the other member.
Eleven-year-old DD saw that I'd forgotten to plug the thermostat/light back on after candling
and decided not only to plug it back in, but to turn the water heater thermostat from hot to very hot so the eggs would heat up faster.

Last night was Day 13. (How appropriate.) I still have a couple days before lockdown. Hopefully some survive and we can at least learn from the experience. Mine are mutts, so hard to say what color chicks to expect. Four of the eggs were from a splash x black, several of the eggs are blue/green and have black/chipmunk parents, there are some light brown eggs from my blue hens, 3 dark eggs, and a handful of random light brown eggs whose mommas and papa hatched from blue eggs. I normally get chipmunks, 'penguins', and a couple of blue or splash.

Any stories to add to ours?
i will let you know,
my temps spiked to 107 yesterday, 1 day b4 lockdown!

this is the second time this has happened to me in a row !
i am very upset and discouraged! this is the first year i have ever had this problem!

the first time the spike was 124
of course, nothing survived that!

oh, after my previous spike, i went and purchased a brand new incubator.

i do not know if i am going to set my incubator anymore after this.
i am totally disgusted and discouraged!
@ Sweet: I can't say much for most of your colors, but I believe black x splash produces 100% blues. Maybe that's just in the polish cheeps though.

@Lanie: Oof... I will be rooting for your eggs too! What is causing the spikes? Are you having a hot summer? Maybe it's in sunlight part of the time? Mine was having a lot of flux on temp when it was in sunlight for part of the day.... humidity can also change the temp a little, if it's on a day you added water or something. It would just be terrible to get 2 non-working incubators in a row! My temp seems to be holding PERFECTLY now that I moved it out of the sun and into a place where it doesn't catch drafts from our air vents or windows.
OMG !!!!!
one of my millie eggs is wiggling!!!!!

i am so excited! maybe there is hope!

the first incubator i have had for years, my guess is that the thermastat was trying to go out.
it started loosing temp, so i gradually turned it up. watched it carefully, seemed to be stable again, then wham... temps soared.

the second is brand new. it had worked completely stable
the best i can figure is a combination of things.
summer is kicking in.
bator is in storage room which is located on the far southwest corner of the house, with no shade.
i pull the door to, but it is really hard to shut so there is usually a small gap.
this time whoever was in the storage room last shut the door all the way.
i figure the combination of these were enough to send temps to 107

i am off work the next two days so i will be able to monitor the temps closely
hey, this is one good thing about getting my hours cut at work! i get to egg-sit!
Depending on where the chicks were in the incubation process, they might hatch but with some deformities, or they may even hatch normal. Its about the temp inside the egg that counts. I had some come out with curled toes when my incubator went high. Just keep on incubating them as normal and hope everything turns out well for the babies that did survive.

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