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    My back yard is fenced in, and my girls will have a small run under and around their coop. But I'm thinking I will set up an area with temporary fencing, that I can move around as necessary. Step-in posts, flexible plastic fencing, as high as I can get it. I know they might be able to fly over the top, but will they be likely to scoot out UNDER the fence?

    I'm new to this, I'll be getting my chicks (3) in late April. I've read tons about chicken care, but don't know what to expect as far as behavior.

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    Get the 7' x 100' deer/bird netting at lowes for around $13 and 6.5' step in t posts. It works pretty well as temporary fencing. I had my flock inside it for months - it will develop tears though so keep an eye on it.
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    If you use something very flimsy like deer netting, they might duck underneath, although leaving some extra at the bottom that lays in a sort of small L at the bottom of the fence can discourage that a little.

    If you use something fairly rigid, like that plastic snow/safety fencing that looks vaguely like chainlink but isn't, they are unlikely to go under unless they are VERY short of things to peck at on their side of the fence. (The plastic snow/safety fence will work fine with normal height plastic step-in posts)

    But, if you DO have problems with them going underneath, a few tentpegs will fix that pretty well, or a wire or rope threaded thru the bottom of the mesh and then stretched TIGHT.

    Good luck, have fun,


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