Temporary grow out pen from child's plastic playhouse

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    Aug 13, 2007
    near Charlotte NC
    What do you do when you have 10 chickens from TSC most of whom are going to my Sis-in-law whenever they get their coop built. They are 8 wks + now and getting too big for the indoor brooder pen (3'x9' chainlink dog kennel on concrete floor in my building). PLUS I am HOPING to have a good hatch starting Sun/Mon on Lisa's eggs, so need the indoor brooder for any new babies.

    Oh, and don't have/want to spend any money....??..??

    Well, you use what you have at hand!

    Since the silkies and 'tweenies' are well integrated into the flock now, they don't need the separate pen around the ChickNBarn. I intentionally made it out of panels so I could reconfigure as needed. So, I took three of the panels and moved them around to make a separate area, still within the covered chicken run.

    Then what to do for a shelter??? Hmmmm my girlfriend just moved from a house into an apartment. No room there for their girls' plastic playhouse.... am I the ONLY one who looks at something like that and says 'chicken coop'? She was storing it at my house - she said go ahead and use it - we can always clorox/brush it down and clean it up if/when they are in a situation where they can use it.

    So, about 2 hours later and $0 cost....a new grow out pen! I just fitted plastic in the cut out windows to keep the rain out - left a gap at the top for ventiliation. It's not ideal for long term, but should fill in for a few weeks until they either go to their new home, or are big enough to hold their own with the big chickens.

    The new grow out pen:

    Extraneous blue andalusian picture - I really like these girls:
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    I just love the idea of using what you have, and designing with flexibility in mind! The playhouse is perfect, and yes, I look at doghouses and playhouses with a whole new perspective!

    I just checked out the livecam, and that male peacock is a stunner! He was all fanned-out and showing off!!! Amazing![​IMG]
  3. arlee453

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    Aug 13, 2007
    near Charlotte NC
    He tries really hard to impress his ladies and usually they just brush him off.

    I have yet to see him actually succeed with them, but they must be doing something right since I have an incubator full of dancing baby peafowl eggs.

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    Finally, I see someone else with the same idea! I've got 3 week-old fuzzy-butts (australorps), don't plan on any more, and would love to use the old plastic playhouse for the coop. Anyone have any reason NOT to do this? (outgassing, ventilation) It would be coop only, with a large run attached, and free-range for the girls during the day. Thanks for helping a newbie
  5. mrsengeseth

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    I was thinking of the same thing for my girls to have for shelter while they freerange. Good job!

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