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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Foul, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Foul

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    Aug 26, 2014
    I haven't found a thread devoted to this topic. If you know of one, point me in the right direction.
    I have 16 three week old guinea keets that are ready to be transitioned into a large back field. There is a vegetable garden in production for the next 1-2 months within range of their soon-to-be house. I'm concerned about them getting into it, and am thinking of surrounding their house with an 8 ft tall, 20 ft x 24 ft plastic deer fencing pen with a deer fencing roof stretched across the top. This would at least give them 30 sq ft per guinea. I can get rid of the pen when the vegetables are out of production and allow them to free range. Does this seem like too limiting of a structure until they are up to 3 months old? I can build a slightly larger structure with no roof if they cannot fly over 8 ft before they are 3 months old as an alternative.
    Any advice?
  2. dheltzel

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    Nov 30, 2013
    Pottstown, PA
    That sounds like plenty of room to me. They could be permanently confined in that amount of space, so as temporary housing it will work great.

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