Temporary(?!) ownership of a pair of Ringneck doves...and she laid an egg yesterday lol

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by trcarlton, Jun 22, 2012.

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    I was given a mated pair of Ringneck doves from someone that wasn't able to keep them anymore and I offered to find a home for them. The doves came with food, grit, large cage, and perches. My husband does NOT want them (I already have outdoor chickens and rabbits, we have an indoor dog, so he's feeling like we're crittered out), so we compromised...I will keep them outdoors (they were kept outdoors at their prior owner) for 2 weeks to find a home for them, and in good faith I've kept an ad running on craigslist since bringing them home a week ago. She laid an egg yesterday, so instead of being able to snuggle together for warmth at night, she's cozy on the nest, and he's shivering on the perch...my husband relented and let them come in the house last night, provided they don't wake him up (he works full time, I'm a stay at home mom - thankfully they didn't utter a peep all night). I've never had doves before, I'm hoping hubby will let me keep them permanently, but in the meantime what should I do for them, other than clean cage, fresh food/water/grit? Do they need or like a shallow pan of water to bathe in? What should I do (if anything) for the newly hatched chick (assuming it hatches - she's sitting on it really well). Thanks!
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    She will probably lay a second egg tomorrow. The parents will care for and raise the young. Just provide appropriate feed and clean water. Good luck with your husband. [​IMG]
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    I think you should toss the eggs and give them dummy eggs to set on. Your husband doesn't want you to keep these two...and now your going to have two more??? Just because they laid eggs doesn't mean you have to let them hatch. You can buy fake eggs for doves...or use smooth rocks that are about the same size. My doves set on one fake pigeon size egg. Using the fake eggs helps them from laying as much and helps keeps the hen from depleting all her calcium. Make sure the grit that you give them is a High Calcium Grit. You can also give them crushed oyster shells.

    If you so do decide to let them hatch the eggs...make sure they is plenty of nesting material in the nest. Use hay...or the needles from a White Pine tree. The squabs need something coarse to grab onto when they hatch to help prevent them from getting splayed legs. Besides the seed and grit you are offering them...give them some chicken laying pellets or turkey starter in a separate container too. The pellets or crumbles are good for the adult doves for a supplement feed...and they are great for them when feeding and rearing young.

    Good luck...[​IMG]
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    Shooter sized (whitish) marbles work on my doves, I hold them in my hand till warm and switch!

    Don't let them keep these eggs when their home is unsure- it is easier to place two then four (heck I'd take them).

    (my aviary is 12*24*8 and shared with ducks and chickens...)

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