Temporary winter wind break ideas

I don't put anything up. I know my girls aren't supposed to like snow, rain, wind and all that, but none of it seems to keep them inside. I do have an outside shelter for them to go into to get away from it if they want to. In the winter they will go inside to have a dust bath when there is snow and mud everywhere else. For that I just used plastic drop cloths (for painters) and attached it to a framework that holds the corrugated roof. I weighted the bottom with t-posts and it works quite well.
You can use roofing panels ziptied to the perimeter - like so


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I love the ideas so far! I have rain blow in the sides during heavy storms and I know snow will blow in with a Nor’easter. I like the idea of tacking with wood strips too. My flock of fraidy chickens would probably go crazy if anything flaps around
I plan to use clear tarps with grommets on the north and east side. I don't know how well it will work. But I'm trying to keep it nice for my chickens and ducks.
I am currently using this method and it has failed miserably. The wind is so vicious where I live, it just whips them all around and tears them apart. I plan to switch to something rigid like clear corrugated plastic that I used for their roofing in the run.
Montana winds can be nasty. We are currently in a winter storm and I was so naive to think the clear tarps would work at my place. Maybe if the wind wasn’t so bad, but it sounds like a freight train going through my chicken run the way the wind whips the tarps around.

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