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    Apr 8, 2012
    We have 24 chicken eggs on day 7. Our first hatch and we are super excited. Everything seemd pretty steady and we were ready to do first Candling when we discovered the temp dropped to 63 degs. We immediately blamed the toddler ( sadly) and then realized the brand new incubator bit the dust on day 7. We tried forcing hot air with a hair dryer and then got them under a sprouting light and put seedling mat under neath . Husband said they were at correct temp this morning , so sometime between 9 and 7 incubator quit. Last I checked , 9:30 pm, they were at 94 deg. Will drive for new incubator tomorrow morning .
    What a your thoughts about hatch ability or complete lack of ?!?!
    Praying for chicks, Maine mama
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    People have had power outages and dogs unplugging incubators and still gotten hatches. The only way to tell will be to candle in a few days. I'd candle now just to cull out your early quitters. All clear eggs will have quit in first 2 days. Make sure your in dark and have good light before tossing any. In 4 or so more days candle remaining again to see if they are developing.

    Here is a link so you know what your looking for when candling: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...g-candling-pics-progression-though-incubation

    Note these are white eggs, you'll not see that kind of clarity in darker eggs. At least I never can but can see veins and embryo getting bigger.
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