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  1. I have been attempting to adjust my incubator temp for several days now with the following results: When the air temp average is 99 - 101 degrees the wiggler temp is about 4 degrees lower; when the wiggler averages 99 - 101 the air temp is again 4-5 degrees too high. Circulated air homemade 'bator. Will embryo be killed at these temps? Wanting to incubate bantam and button quail.

    BTW, you may remember me as the person who hatched my first quail in Jan when my grandson was lying in the hospital awaiting death due to head gun shot wound. I am happy to report he WALKED out of the hospital last Thursday (with assistance). This is the child we were told twice had no chance of survival beyond a vegetative state. He has no memory loss, other than the coma, no visual problems, no speech impediment, no apparent personality problems and prospects of full recovery of motor skills! Just thought you might like to know.
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    That is awesome. God is so good!
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    how amazing. there can be mericles when you believe. i am very happy for you
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    Amazing about your grandson. On the water wiggler issue, I have the same variance in my home made bator too. I have had several successful hatches. I just keep an eye on them after they hatch because of the 100+ temp. Good luck on the hatch.

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