ten baby buff orpington cockerels!


12 Years
Jan 2, 2008
western mass
yikes- that was ten too many for me!

Luckily, two teenage boys I know just said they'd take em, to raise and eat. They are looking to learn to slaughter, I guess.

A pair of amazing kids, seventeen and eighteen I guess. boys I've know since they were babes, who are homeschoolin and homesteadin on land owned by one of them's Mom. My son, who's their age, has gone a more traditional school route, though he was a homeschooler for a while when younger.

These two have been clearing land together, raising potatoes and pigs, putting in crops, and it's all rather amazing. Kinda like the old bachelor farmers of yore!

Me? I'm just so glad to get these cockerels out of here!

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