Ten Hens In Massachusetts


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6 Years
Sep 26, 2013
Good morning everybody!

I'm the proud owner of ten lovely girls in Massachusetts! We purchased them in May through a reputable hatchery and have since build a great coop and run and are getting them ready for the winter months ahead! Although from what I understand given they are in a secure draft free coop and will have access to plenty of fresh food and water they will do pretty good....

My biggest challenge is allowing them supervised free ranging without being anxious all the time.

We live in a partially wooded area and I know they love being out running around. I also probably have a false sense of security when "babysitting" them as I understand most predators work pretty quick. Probably faster than I could even get off the deck to help... I know I will always be home when they are out of their run but wish I could relax a little! Guess this is just one of the challenges of being in love

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