Ten-year Eggie, Newbie to Meaties


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
Sodus, Michigan
Hey all! I've been raising egg-layers for nearly ten years now, though the few the family has left are dwindling because mom hates them eating her garden. I am building a chicken tractor right now, inbetween thunderstorms at the moment, preparing for some cornish crosses. Once those are gone, however, I want to have some eggies or some bantams for show. Haven't quite made up my mind yet.

Some things I'm wondering about: Keeping cornish crosses clean of dirt, parasites and hot-spots for fair. What exactly is "finishing", why does it have to be done.

I've already posted my feed concerns in the meaty threads, and am looking for a spot to ask about the parasites. I'm sure I'll have more Qs, but I've got a couple weeks for the chicks to arrive.

Thank you in advance for all the wonderful advice I just know I'm going to recieve from you!

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