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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by THough1956, Mar 30, 2009.

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    So, My family and I went to a local feed store to get some chicken feed, as luck would have it, they had in a shipment of chicks. Which I don't need! My son see a little chick in the bin that is laying on its sides with the others stepping all over it. He keeps saying Mom take him home, I know you can save him. I of course ask the manager if I can just have this chick, he is dying anyway. And we take him home and try and get him to drink and eat, to no avail. Then I put him under a heating pad. He did not make it, as I knew he wouldn't! And it really makes me sad. Does anyone else do this kind of thing?! My heart just breaks for helpless animals.
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    Feb 13, 2009
    Rest easy and know you did what your heart guided you to do. Think of how you would have felt if you had just walked away.........You gave him a chance he would not have had otherwise. [​IMG]
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    Quote:All the time, all the time.
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    [​IMG] You did a wonderful thing for that baby. He was loved when he passed and that's what matters. We took a late hatch maran home, she didn't make it, but was very well loved when she passed. She's buried in our pet cemetary outside even though she was with us for only a day. We've also adopted a one winged Sebright. When I got my Sebright this little one was with her. After getting yelled at by my son for a few days, I called the friend of mine who had her and we brought her home. We seem to really love the misfits here.

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    Yea and I end up crying too. You did a wonderful, loving thing for that chick.
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    Seems to be the way I get a lot of my animals!Picked up a kitten out of the middle of a busy road that had been grazed in the head by a car on my way to work one morning. Vet wanted $300 just to look at it. Struck a deal with them, for $40 they gave it some fluids and I took it to work with me and got it to eat. Turns out she only had a bloody nose, her name in Punkin and she is still with me.

    My husband says look away, look away!!!! I just can't. I something needs my help I will do my darndest!!![​IMG]
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    Mar 19, 2009
    That is awesome. Not too many people would care to even try with an animal they know is not going to make it. He was not loved until you took him home. He passed the way every animal should. You absolutely did the right thing. He now has a resting spot for him to be remembered from the one day that someone cared. [​IMG]
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    Bless you for doing that. Like MSHEN said, just imagine if you would have walked away. I did once. Same situation. I was afraid DH would not be happy if I came home with another chicken, especially a sick one! Well when I told him, he could not believe I left it there! So then I felt worse and swore the next time this happened I would bring it home. So the next time I visited the feed store I came home with a tiny silkie baby that had horrible pasty butt and no feathers and oozing sores. Thanks to great advice I got here Nick survived and is now a beautiful rooster.

    I am always bringing in kittens that mama has given up on. I have one heating pad just for sick babies, kitty's, chickens, etc.! I have lost many but I have saved a few too! I also think its a good thing to teach our kids to have compassion.
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    Mar 10, 2009
    Victoria, BC Canada
    I think most people on this site would do the same thing, just being on here a few days I have noticed how kind and helpfull everyone is, and we all obviously love our little critters. I had 2 very sad ordeals this week. It is the first time for me getting babies from the mail (I am in Canada, and someone else goes to the usa to pick them up). I got 4 tiny little ducklings the other day and one tiny tiny girl didnt make it, 3 humans tryed for an hour to save her! And then to make matters worse the 16 banty chicks I have ordered encountered a ordeal with a water dish. Too many thirsty babies and water [​IMG]. I dont know how many of mine survived but it was a very sad thing to see when I was at her house while she was trying to save them. I will get the chicks today, but I dont think I will order any from so far away again, it is such a big long ordeal for them to get here and lots of opportunity for disaster![​IMG]
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    I would be very cautious about adopting a sick bird if you have a healthy flock at home... I hope you used good quarantine measures to isolate the poor thing from your other birds, just in case it had something communicable.

    I love that there are people like you guys who are so loving and kind to animals. I have to admit I would more likely wring the poor thing's neck and end its suffering. I love animals too much to watch them suffer. Hope that doens't make me a meanie. [​IMG]

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