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    Nov 21, 2008
    Chattanooga, TN
    Hello Yall! Just a good ole Tennesse boy here wanting to share a little about our fine state. I'm well aware that our fine university has decided to hire a football coach that is still in diapers! Do not get me wrong, I'm sure he's a fine feller! What gets me in this crazy world of ours is why we poor country folk have to work our tails off to make ends meet and still do not get a break from the poloticians. Oh hey! we aint here to discuss politics now, so we will leave that one alone. Anyway, they want to pay our sports stars and their coaches millions of dollars to dribble a ball down a court or throw a pig skin covered ball a good distance across a painted cow pasture that they want even allow you to walk on, much less graze your cow on it! Now I am all for having a little fun now and again, but all my talents consist of is being able to work hard, deal honestly, keep some decent morals, and pay my bills. Because this talent does not mean much to our world anymore, I will go to my grave fighting for every dime I make. All the while they want to bail out the big guys and give them the pension of our folks that have reached retirement age. Grandma is still down at the factory just to keep the lights on at the house while the corperate executive that got the company in the mess is sitting pretty with a fine house and car and not turning a hand. Whew! I am preaching to the choir here for sure. Most of you good folks, whether in Tennessee or any other fine state, all feel the same way that I do. The only thing that I can say for sure is that no one is going to help our country unless it turns back to what it was founded upon. Now even the youngest of us here surely knows what that is. God, guts, and guns! The sad thing is ladies and gentlemen is that it could come to the place where those dear beloved feathered friends of ours will just have to feed us to keep us alive for a while. Do not get upset on me now if you are a vegetarian. You always have the yard to go graze in, just don't do it on that painted field they pay those guys millions of dollars to throw balls across, they will have no mercy on ya! I will leave you with a glimer of hope so not to be ending this post on such a sour note. If you know the Lord as your personal Savior, your future is bright regardless of what this old world does. You all take care now and enjoy the most important things to ya this Holiday, the family. If you have no family, I am sure you have friends. If you do not have either, you can't create family lest you get married and have babies, but you can make some friends! Merry Christmas and In God We Trust!
  2. thats the reason I don't watch ball games, I get very angry for them to make bushels of money and do something stupid, Like lose a game marrie

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