Tennessee Walking Horse conformation

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  1. Anyone that knows TWHs or horses in general want to give opinions on our 2 year old filly?

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    Black is a very hard color to photograph well to judge conformation. Most of the shots just look like silhouettes.

    Try standing her square, with the sun shining directly on her side, and see if that helps get a photograph that shows her angles better...
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  4. I was afaid of that. Just not sure when we're gonna see the sun here again. Also she has her winter coat so hard to see through the shag too.
    Thanks for looking though.
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  5. Yeah, not the best pictures.....I see by the photos her legs are not straight......Appears cow hocked and weak in the back legs?

    Probably not at all? The front legs turn out also......Probably bad pictures.......

    She is only two.....She will change many times as she matures.....

    Pretty little girl though......


  6. I know theyre bad pics but i dont know enough to know if youre right or wrong about her legs. Sometimes i think you may be right but other times they look great. I know pics no matter how well taken wont tell the whole story. Maybe come spring i can figure out how to get a video of her moving on here.
    She was one of two show and/or brood mare prospects that the breeder kept back. She finally decided on keeping the other. Idk if she really knows much herself. She had bought both mares already bred.
    When i asked she said our girl didnt have as big of movement in the back as she would like. Thing is she seems to have almost too much in the back imo. If she didnt have such a high step in the front her back hoofs would hit the front ones and does at times when she is moving really slow.
    I was mostly curious if any faults really jumoed out from the limited pics. Next year will be a big year for her with training and being under saddle. Time will tell for sure.
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