Tennessee walking horses can't lope?

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    I have discovered a beautiful Tennessee walker gelding for sale on Craigslist and am considering buying him. But I've read a lot of things that say they don't lope, they only "pace"? Is this true? I like a horse I can go fast on. Any opinions?
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    I used to have walking horses and that's what they are supposed to do--fast walk and slow walk. They were developed for farmers with large properties to ride around to look at their fields. Mine liked to lope and even gallop, but you aren't supposed to let them do that. The breed is sweet and gentle, but if you want to go fst maybe you should consider a quarter horse or other breed.
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    We have family who raise Tennessee Walkers :) They CAN lope and gallop, but you are supposed to keep them at a regular walk and in their gaits. Especially for show horses. My husband used to own one though and we would let him lope, we don't show though so it didn't really matter as much to us.
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    I have my doubts about lope, but they can certainly canter. If they can canter, then they can also hand gallop.

    I've seen many TWH shows where the show horses are asked to canter in the ring. It's a rather strange high canter, but it is definitely a canter. It would look a lot more normal without the weighted feet.

    However, if your dream is to gallop around at high speeds, get a different breed. Maybe one with a gasoline engine.
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    TWH can and do canter(lope). The gait are as follows working walk(walk),running walk(slow gait), saddle rack(fast gait), canter(lope), and hand gallop. But if you will be riding with trotting horses, your horse will out walk them at the walk and be faster in the intermediate gait(trot)vs (running walk) a lot of trot type horses have to canter to keep up with a gaited horse that is doing a saddle rack.

    What type of riding will you be doing? Who will you be riding with, what breeds?

    BTW, a TWH won The Extream Cowboy Race a few years ago. Look it up, it's pretty cool. Some do well in speed events against QH and other troting breeds.

    I have friends that will not ride with me unless I bring my extra Rocky Mountains with me, because they cannot keep up. Or I have to keep stoping or circling(very frustrating for my horse).

    Just so you know. I trailride, show saddleseat, horsecamp, work cows and drive my Rockys. I will try just about anything with them.


    PS. P m me if you have any questions.
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