Tennessee Waltz Quilt 52 x 70/ N. Ga. Mtns

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    This Tennessee Waltz quilt measures approximately 52" x 70", so could be a crib quilt, lap quilt or a even cover a twin mattress, whatever you like. The Tennessee Waltz is a combination of two blocks, the 54-40 or Fight! and the Snowball block, which, when combined, form a secondary circular-looking motif. This quilt is machine pieced and completely hand quilted by me- I am currently working on quilting the dark blue border and have two sides completed already. It will be bound with that same dark blue fabric as the border. All fabrics are 100% cotton. The quilt has all the character of hand quilted items so it's one of a kind.

    Each blue star is a different blue fabric and the corner 4 patch squares of those stars are in various scrappy colors. The backing is the same as one of the front stars and can be seen in the last picture below:

    Quilt will ship as soon as money order is received and quilt is completed--I hope to have it entirely finished within two weeks or less.

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Very Beautiful Cynthia!

    Do You By Any Chance Make Larger Sizes?
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    Very, very rarely do I ever make anything much larger than this. I have carpal tunnel complete with alternating tingling and numb fingers so it's very hard to complete large projects, but I keep on chugging along, LOL. I'm glad you like it! I love this pattern and do plan to make one in a slightly larger size, but I have one bed quilt to get done before I can start. And it's chick season--you know what that means! [​IMG]

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