Tensioning 2x4 welded fencing


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Jul 25, 2013
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Anyone have any tips on how to get 2x4 welded fencing really tight? Last time I used two boards and sandwiched theend of it and hooked to my truck to pull it tight. I can't now as my fields are too soaked from three weeks of rain


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Feb 2, 2009
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Can you please send some of that rain this way, my last measureable rain was August 17th. Funny how that works isn't it, either too much or not enough. We're never happy.

I also use two boards clamped together but I can see where hooks could work maybe even better. I use a wire from one end of the clamp to the other to give me some thing adjustable to hook to so I can get top and bottom tension the same. And I use a come-along. A winch could work too.

The problem is that you need something to anchor the come-along or winch to. You also cannot tighten it around a corner fence post, it will break the post trying to pull it around a corner. Whatever you anchor the come-along to needs to be in line. If you don't have a well placed tree or building and it's too wet to position your truck or something heavy you can have problems.

Somehow you need to build an anchor point. I don't know what you have that's heavy but maybe a pile of lumber or a stack of cinder blocks. Maybe temporarily set a post.


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Apr 4, 2014
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Ok, had a similar situation once.

Here is what I did successfully for an anchor point.

Had a ratchet strap and a shovel.

Took the shovel, stuck it deep straight down, and attached the ratchet strap to the bottom of the shovel closest to the dirt.

Had an assistant hold the shovel handle parallel to the ground.

Went to town on the ratchet and extracted my 3 ton vehicle stuck in the sand
15 minutes max.

Plan B was to hook, bury, and stand on the buried spare tire.

I was working with sand of course, but dirt should work as well or better.

Hope this helps.


Mar 17, 2017
Pomeroy, OH
If you already have fence post set you have your anchor point..stretch each section with come along and clip or staple it to post depending on what your post material is. There are a ton of you tube videos on this very subject. Which I used when installing mine...which is how I got the 2x4 with hooks for fence homemade stretcher idea.
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