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Jan 27, 2011
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an Ignore button I've gotten some less than friendly PM's that don't bother me, but they can bother other people.

I think it would be neat if we could have an "Ignore button"

I have seen it in use in other forums and it works pretty well. I think it would cut down on disagreements and make life a little easier for you ops.

If someone does not like the posts of one person and can not stop themselves from getting into heated arguments withs aid person, or someone who trolls, they hit ignore on that name. they can no longer see that person's posts nor received pm's/e-mails from that person . If they have made a mistake or feel that their problem with that person is solved, they can un-ignore that person

In other forums, when the ignore button was instituted, it seemed to cut down on a lot of fights.

I have also seen an ignore button for certain words. parents sometimes use this when they do not wish their children to be exposed to certain ideas so they type in a word such as "cookie" and their child or they, can no longer see that key word in posts. It is often replaced with a marker to indicate it is an unacceptable word or topic.

it gives parents on a family friendly board more control over what their children have access without feeling like they are pressuring other posters in such a diverse community.

just a thought, I don't know if it is right for this place, but I thought I would bring it up

keep up the good work ops!


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We've got an "ignore" feature on our the member's wish-list, but it isn't something we have on our road-map because of the amount of work required to hack the forum to do this.

In the interim, we encourage members to report posts that break our rules and self-ignore members, topics, posts, and PM's to which they take issue.

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