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    I have a Meyer hatchery book. I know what broody means. What I want to know under their broody it says infrequently or Occasionally. What does that mean in terms under broody. How many times does that mean. I'm really stumped on those 2 terms. Before I buy new chickens. I know you need a rooster to have fertile eggs. Thank you for your time
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    Occasionally means that they will only go broody occasionally, and infrequent means they'll pretty much never go broody. If you want to eventually hatch your own eggs, then get a silkie or a cochin bantam. Those are the best broody breeds you can get; they love to hatch babies! If you want a large fowl broody, get a dorking. They are crazy broody, but when they aren't hatching babies, they tend to be good layers.

    Have fun!
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    Barnevelders are great large fowl broodies also.

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