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    Jun 15, 2008
    Hi...I'm brand new here and have just brought home 8 chickens. I was told by the seller to put Terramycin in the water because some have a "cold". *Please* tell me how to convert 400-800 mg per gallon of water into teaspoons, or something I can actually measure! I can't get a hold of the seller. One chicken has laboured breathing. The chickens are heavy breeds about 4 1/2 months old. Thank You!!! ......NewClucker
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    Mar 4, 2008
    Well, unfortunately you probably got taken. If they are showing respiratory symptoms at that age, they more than likely have CRD, and terramycin won't help. You can see more about diagnosing, and treating for this on my site HERE . Good luck!
  3. Converting Milligrams is tricky because it's based on weight...

    I'm digging around online to see if I can find anything, give me a minute...
  4. Nothing. You would need to weigh the powdered Terrymicin (sp?) and break it down from there.
    But this is even if it will treat what they have, did you get these birds from a breeder, a store, or what?
    Are all of them sick? I sure hope you didn't pay alot for them. And I probably don't need to say this but keep them seperated from any other birds you have until you know what you're dealing with!
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    Jun 15, 2008
    I bought them from a guy who raised them from day old chicks bought by mail order. They were kept all together, none of the others seem affected at all. He said with the weather change here...cool nights and very warm days they catch a cold. He said I should give all of them terramycin for a week. He has his birds free ranging and they all look in great shape. He only has about 50 birds.
    I honestly wonder how Pfiezer thinks average people will measure this stuff!? Tomorrow I will call Pfizer and find out....if she is still alive. Very frustrating!! Thanks for any help.....NewClucker
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    Jun 15, 2008
    Hi Cuda...The Terramycin bag actually says it treats CRD, if that's what it is. There must be someone who has used this product and converted it to teaspoons???....NewClucker
  7. For the time being until you figure out what to do with the medicine I would try and give the really sick girl some fluids and electrolites, really important. Dribble a little into her beak if you have to but don't drown her and if you think she's suffering you might want to consider culling her.
    What are her symptoms? Did you look at that link above with the symptoms of CRD? Does it fit at all?
    :aww I'm sorry you're having these problems with your first chickens, that sucks.
  8. I just did some more digging online and found some mention of using 2 Tsp. of Terramyicin to 1 gallon of water for chickens for treatment... But please understand I'm no vet and I'm not the company who makes it so I have no idea how accurate that is. I'm just an average woman using a search engine lol

    If it were me I would give it a go.
    2 Tsp. doesn't seem like a huge amount in a gallon of water, KWIM?
  9. per WES:
    4 tsp per gallon for 4 days then cut to 2 tsp per gallon for 6 days.

    dlhunicorn mentioned this dosage in another thread back last month about converting Terramyicin Dosage...​
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    1 milligram = 0.000 035 273 961 95 ounce.

    You are making a weight conversion, not a volume change.

    400 mg = .014 oz.
    600mg = .021 oz.
    800mg = .028 oz.

    Going with the median of your range, that is two tenths of an ounce, known in kitchen measurements as "not much."

    What would I do? For a gallon, mix in a coupla tsp. and not delay any longer.
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