Terrible black spots and lethargic full grown chickens....how can I help them?

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    Jun 18, 2016
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    I feel awful that my 2 adult birds seem to have the avian pox. My beautiful, (formerly very healthy golden laced wyandotte with bright red comb and wattle) has her comb covered in raised black spots and white ones on her now paler wattle. The bantam frizzle has stopped laying eggs and is lethargic/broody for the first time ever with a very pale wattle and only a few black spots.

    We had family and neighbors systematically check on the hens while we were away, replace their bedding, water and refresh their food...they have a small run while we were out of town for 10 days with automatic feeders, 2 watering stations and shade. I am afraid that the lack of free ranging and lack of usual grasses/dirt/dust bath/space has made them sick...also the tons of mosquitos and heat from the recent heavy Texas rains. They have been sleeping in a hutch away from my other chicks/mama hen. I am worried about their health and want to make it better!

    Please help :( I want them to feel better and reduce the spots if possible. Also want to keep this from getting to my 1 month old pullets which we keep separate in a different coop. We are waiting until the chicks are bigger to introduce them completely to the flock.

    All help/ideas are welcome. I just want them to get better and be healthy. Thanks so much...
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    Keep them hydrated and as comfortable as possible in this awful heat. The spots will eventually resolve on their own.

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