Terrible Drought in NC and Southeast

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  1. LisaJean

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    Hi folks!

    Well, I just heard that they are changing the Raleigh water restrictions based on the ongoing drought. We could water one day a week. Once the newest regulations take effect, there will be NO outside watering allowed.

    Right now, Raleigh is going to run out of water in mid-January (that's worst-case scenario, if it doesn't rain again.) It's really getting quite scary.

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for conserving water?

    Me, I have four plastic trash barrels, two under each downspout. When it rains, I go outside, and as the one directly under the spout fills up, I ferry the water into the other barrel with a bucket. That way, I can up to four full trash barrels of water. I use the water to fill my birdbath and water my crops.

    I keep a bucket under the condensation pipe for the AC unit. It collects about a bucket a day, depending on how low I have the AC set. When the bucket fills, I slide a new bucket under the spout and dump the old one into one of the trash barrels.

    I have two bricks in my toilet tank, so that it uses less water to flush. In addition, I only flush about every 4 times the toilet is used.

    When I take a bath, I leave the water in the tub, and then use a bucket to pour it into the toilet, to make it flush. Tonight I emptied the bathtub into my washing machine, so it would use less water to fill up.

    Does anyone else have any ideas?
  2. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana
    Wow......now THATS conserving! Way to go! I cant think of anything more you can do.
  3. rooster-red

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    Jun 10, 2007
    Douglasville GA
    I think that to go any further than that you'll have to divert a river!
  4. LisaJean

    LisaJean Songster

    Oh, I attended the State Fair on Friday, mostly to see the chickens, and was very disappointed by the turnout. Nothing really spectacular. And almost all were Bantams, very few standard sized birds.

    I am going to look elsewhere for my flock, I think. I may have to go with chicks from Ideal, even though I was hoping to start with pullets.

    Is anyone in Raleigh? If so, where do you buy your chickes supplies, feed,etc?
  5. CoyoteMagic

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    We aren't allowed to water our the lawns any more. I think you can still water trees and shrubs with a hose. People are getting major fines when they get caught.

    They are talking however about going to the next level. That will elminate all outside watering and limit the amount of water you can use in your house!!! [​IMG]

    I'm on a community well. You can just imagine how nervouse I'm getting about this.
  6. LisaJean

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    Coyote, look at my first post on this thread for some ways to save water. :)
  7. Tim

    Tim Hatching

    Oct 14, 2007
    Raleigh, NC
    Hi LisaJean-

    I am also in Raleigh... sounds like you are doing all you can with the drought. I just purchased rain barrels for my landscaping... now if we can just get some rain to fill them up!

    Where in Raleigh are you? I am inside the beltline near Mordecai. Just started building my coop and I am excited to get my flock started in the spring. I also just went to the fair... but I loved all of the bantams!

  8. nccatnip

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Piedmont area NC
    Quote:What breeds are you looking for?
  9. snugglepup

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    Apr 15, 2007
    Creedmoor, NC
    I live just north of Raleigh in Creedmoor, but I work right on Glenwood Ave. Depending on where you live in town you have a couple options. There is a really good Southern States in Creedmoor, right up 50. There's also Granville Milling nearby. Those are where I get most of my stuff (of course). There is also Agrisupply in Garner. I have heard that the new Triangle Horse Sports store also has some chicken feeds, but I don't know for sure.
  10. LisaJean

    LisaJean Songster

    Hi Catnip and Snugglepup!

    I was looking for White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks mostly. i actually placed an order with Ideal last night for one each of those mentioned, plus an Ameracauna. i have to see those blue-green eggs!

    I came accross THS (Triangle Horse Sports) via the yellow pages, and will be paying them a visit tomorrow. Hopefully they will have food for baby chicks.

    Thank you both for your input!

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