Terrible terrible news :( *Warning*

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by fee12345678, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. fee12345678

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    Feb 27, 2015
    Sorry to post such a morbid post but I wanted to share and maybe bring some awareness about electrics outside.
    Two nights ago (Fri 13th) we were awoken by our neighbours knocking frantically on our windows. When we looked outside it was like a scene from a horror movie. Think dark smoke and the glow from high flames. Our large shed was ablaze with our 4 adult Miniature Appleyards in one side and 2 baby Cherry Valleys, another baby khaki Campbell, Lara the orphan lamb I was bottle feeding every few hours and our much loved tortoise Tilly.

    As you can imagine it has been a devastating couple of days. I feel incredibly guilty as I think the heat lamp I put in there was the cause. Each one of those animals was a very much loved pet and I am absolute heart broken.
    My husband and I also have 2 young girls who have been very hurt and upset by this experience. It's a terrible way to go and that will stay with me forever.
    Everyone has been so kind and knew how much the animals mean to us.

    My message is, please please check and double check any wires or how something is hung as I couldn't imagine anyone else having to go through what we have.
    Take care everyone xxx
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  2. Ravynscroft

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    Nov 30, 2014
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    I am very, very sorry for your loss!! Try not to beat yourself up over it, unfortunately accidents do happen...
  3. WVduckchick

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    Feb 9, 2015
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    So sorry to read of your horrible accident. It is a good message to share about the dangers of heat lamps, so thank you for that.
    My sister in law once had a heat lamp fall onto her deck, while heating little chicks. It burned a basketball sized hole through the wood before they caught it. I try to keep it in mind, but reminders are always good.

    So very sorry for your losses. I hope you will rebuild some day.
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  4. Orca5094

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    Jul 26, 2014
    Omg, I'm so very sorry for your losses. I can't imagine how tough that must be. :( *hugs for you*
  5. backyarfun

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    Mar 15, 2015
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    Ohh my. I am so sorry for your loss. I put my heat lamp on at night and I can't hardly sleep at night due to my fears of fire. It's my biggest fear and to hear someone go though this breaks my heart. Please don't beat yourself up over this, accidents do happen. Time will heal you and your family. When you forgive yourself you too will heal, but until then you will hurt. Again soon sorry for your loss.
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