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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by duckinnut, Sep 10, 2011.

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    I went to close the flock in for the night and one of my three Cinnamon Queens was walking around the coop floor doing the "something is about to happen but not sure what" baaaaawk thing. So I shine the flashlight to she what the heck is going on and she is pacing around and everybody else is quietly roosting. She jumps up in the nest box starts scratching around. I was ok its late but she looks like she is gonna lay,cool. Give her a hour go back down to the coop and NO egg.[​IMG]

    I was under the impression that sexlinks were supposed to lay earlier and more often than true breeds. Got a Buff at the same age (20weeks) that has started already which I know is early for a Buff. Actually she has layed 7 eggs in 8 days,all small but she is slowly working on the size, can see the difference in #1 and #7. Back to the CQ she has had the bright reds for a couple of weeks as well doing the baaaawk thing. She has got the size too,she is bigger than 2 of my 6 16 month old RIRs. I guess I just have wait and not let my impatience get to me. [​IMG] Funny thing is I am just as excited now as I was last year at this time with the first batch. It never gets old I guess.[​IMG]
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    Quote:You're right, it never gets old. As far as the BO laying before the sex links goes, they're individuals and don't always follow what the guidelines say.

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