test egg auction for riane'smimi


9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
I've never shipped eggs before, but I've been dutifully building my flocks in anticipation of reaching this point. I'm hoping to find up to four people who are willing to help me work the kinks out of this process.

My BRLWs and BBS orps are laying beautifully. My BLRWs claim Foley and several BYCers (sonew123 and baregretchen) in their bloodlines, and my BBS orps come from BYCers (bargain and ruth).

The mixture of eggs is subject to what I have on hand that week. On average, you will receive 6-8 BLRW and 4-6 BBS orps (for a total of 12 eggs). In the event that I do not get a full dozen, I will either wait a day to ship your order or, with your permission, include a Marans and/or olive egger egg to make up the difference.

My plan is to wrap each egg in bubble wrap, place them in an egg carton, and cushion them well in a USPS Priority Mail box. However, since I am new at this, the following disclaimers apply:

1) You must agree to accept a replacement shipment in the event that more than 1 egg is broken upon arrival. You agree to pay 1/2 the cost of shipping + materials for the replacement shipment if 1-3 eggs are broken. If more than 3 eggs are broken, shipping for the replacement batch is on me.

2) You must agree to let me know how the hatch turns out. If you have less than a 50% hatch rate, I will provide a replacement shipment for the cost of shipping + materials.

And, hopefully, you will give me a chance to rectify any issues that arise before leaving feedback. It is not my intent to have any broken eggs or poor hatch rates, but I'm giving myself the chance to figure out what works best for my shipping process right now, while hopefully incentivizing people to take a chance on me . Remember, I am new at this!

This is your chance to receive some eggs from beautiful birds from great bloodlines...and a newbie shipper I have great plans for my flocks, but wanted to get the kinks worked out of the shipping process before I add even more expensive bloodlines.

Shipment planned for 2/13/11.

I look forward to recieveing my eggs in Feb.Thanks again

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