Test Shipment - Welsummer Eggs. Very Nice Dark Eggs. 8+


12 Years
Jun 12, 2007
I would like someone to test fertility in my Welsummer Eggs. I have just a couple of eggs under a broody D'Uccle mix girl right now, and they are growing nicely. Would like to have someone test a larger batch. I get 3-4 eggs daily from my Welsummer girls ( my ONLY Roo is a Welsummer, so these are pure, I do have some other girls if you would like some of those eggs, they would be mixed breed of course ) My Wellie girls lay very dark eggs, 1 lays an dark egg with a beautiful spotting all over, very pretty, I will try to post pictures later.

I will collect all my Wellie eggs for the next 3 days & ship them out on Monday morning to the highest bidder. I would guess there should be 8-12, unless they go on strike.

If you test these for me, please keep me posted on the fertility rate so I know whether it's good to continue offering for hatching.



One of my Wellie hens does lay a lighter egg than the others ( bottom left ), I won't include these, I will only include the darkest eggs.
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