testing a different way to ship. Shipping=15.00 get 17-20 maybe more

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    Apr 18, 2009
    I normally only ship 12-14 eggs at the most the way I do it. I want to try a different way to get more eggs in a box. You will get about 9 Black Jersey Giant eggs, 5 or so frizzle eggs (roo is BCM frizzle, hens are RIR White Rock, Barred Naked Neck) and around 4 Peking duck eggs. If I can get more in the box, I will as I want to see how many I can safely put in there and ship. The shipping is to cover the package and all the tape, bubble wrap, and labels, ect..... If it is over 15.00 I will pay the difference.

    Also, the GJ eggs were laid on the 31st
    2 of the frizzle eggs on the 31st the other 3 are about 3 days old now. If I get more today, I will send those.
    The duck eggs alid on the 31st.

    First one gets them. They will go out tomorrow morning.

    I may do another test or two after this one.........PM me if interested if this auction is closed or ended....

    Paypal is

    [email protected]

    Tks and enjoy!

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