Tetra chicken has lump and stopped laying, AGAIN

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  1. raisinthechix

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    May 17, 2013
    I have a tetra hen about 18 mths old. She has a lump around the breast area that can move, I was able to move it past her wing. She has stopped laying. This is the second time for this with the same issue of not laying. My friend says it is calcium build up. It went away before but has returned. After the first time she stopped laying and the same this time.She lays on the other chickens eggs all day if I let her. When I let her out to free range she will stay out about an hour then go back to the eggs.I feed the chickens layer pellets, fruit from the house, bread and they have grit in two bowls. I was feeding them cracked corn until the beginning of spring.
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    she sounds broody if she would prefer to be on the eggs shes more than likely to be broody, does she fluff up her feathers and growl at you?
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    She sounds a bit like she may be broody if she is sitting on eggs all day.
    At 18 months they can start the first big molt, where they stop layings and re-grow feathers. A lot will lie around feeling mopey and rest.
    Are you certain the lump in the breast is not her full crop?

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