Tetroxy hca 280


8 Years
Jan 17, 2012
I have given my sick chickens resp issues tetroxy hca 280 and they are doing better but how long to discard eggs?
I'm seeing at http://www.jefferslivestock.com/product.asp?camid=LIV&pn=MOB-T1 :

Tetroxy HCA - 280

Do not use in birds producing eggs for human consumption. There is a ZERO withdrawal time for slaughter. Administer 7 to 14 days to chickens and turkeys and up to 5 days for swine.

I've noticed that almost everywhere has stopped selling Terramycin, which is the same type of medicine (oxytetracycline).

I wonder if the reason for being advised not to use in egg layers is something similar as for Baytril-- The birds' systems may continuously grow bacteria for the rest of the chickens' lives that may be hazardous to people who eat their eggs. I don't know if this is the case, or maybe if no one has ever established a true withdrawal time for eggs or ????

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