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Jul 20, 2013
I'm such an idiot! I overdosed my chickens on this stuff today. Have I hurt them? I thought the package said 1/2 package per gallon. They had access to it all day. I have dumped it and given them fresh water.
From what I have read they get about a tsp per gallon! I swear these chickens are going to worry me to death. I try to help and now what have I done?
Sad morning, I found one my favorites,little "Goldie" dead this morning her little baby friends were by her side. Goldie is the one in my avatar that is looking up. She had been raspy for a few days and I had given her Tylan on Saturday and VetRx on the nose and then that is when I found the powder Tetroxy and decided to treat the whole flock because there were a couple more (adults) that sounded raspy. I don't know if the overdose of Tetroxy killed her or what, but everyone else in the flock is just fine this morning including my baby bantys.
Sorry for your loss... Don't be too hard on yourself, I doubt the medicine killed her.

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Thanks...I'm still sad..she was our "golden retriever" she followed us everywhere and would sit with us. It was so sad to see her little friends sitting by her this morning
Sorry for your loss. Just for your info, tylan is more potent than tetracycline aka tetroxy. It's really not good trying to pump so much different antibiotics into their system since they are already stressed from whatever illness they have. If a bird develops a respiratory condition, might as well start out with something potent such as tylan to knock it out them as soon as possible. Your other choice is to cull sick birds. You could also be dealing with something fungal in which antibiotics have no effect. Additionally the same is true if it's a virus.

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