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9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
How much do they weigh?? Are they good layers like my jumbo browns? And do they interbreed with the browns?

So they are practically the same thing, except with white feathers?

In Fact The Original/ Real A&m Dr Thornberry Created Were Jumbo Brown Birds..... The White A&m We Know Today Was A Later Revision Done For Cosmetic Reasons. It Seems The Lack Of Pigment In The Feather Folicals Makes For A Prettier Carcass--- Who Woulda Ever Guessed?
I can understand that if you actually pluck rather than skin the birds.. I've helped pluck chickens before and the ones with dark feathers are a pain.. The feather shafts and pin hairs show really bad. With the white/light feathers you can't even see them
I wouldn't skin them either.. I've never butchered any of my birds though, the ones that were culled were still very young and got thrown to my ferrets
I Pluck My Birds, But Lemme Warn You.... It Is A Major Pain In The Butt To Pluck Coturnix, Their Skin Is Very Thin And Fragile- Tears Easily. And Then Theres All Those Thousands Of Tiny Feathers... I Do Pluck Mine, But Its A Day Wasted To Clean A Bunch. Thats Why Whenever I Sell Surplus Cocks For "eating" Birds They Leave Here Still Crowin'
I thought the J Browns were developed then the White was added to get really the Texas A&M Jumbo Browns and the Texas A&M Whites. Which are also Jumbo because they were crossed with the Jumbo Browns. Or something??????

I wish Texas A&M would update their pamphets for the larger birds. Old cage sizes don't work for their birds. Thus leading to mass confusion out here about a lot of things. Having current information on their birds and how they were developed would be wonderful. That information might even come in handy for future generations. We don't want to loose the information and I am afraid that is already happening. It hasn't been that long.

Sorry, just venting at A&M for a minute there.

I skin, its just faster when I am doing large batches and it still takes me a couple of hours per 20-25 bird batches. So several days.
Then I soak them in salted water for a few days, rinse drain, cook or freeze. Salt water pulls all the blood out and any pin feathers I missed.
I just bought 50 A&M eggs.. So, I guess I'll be trying them out
I might try one of my roos for lunch or dinner soon. 1 to 1 is too much, they crow too much and are rough with the ladies

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