Texas Heat...moved my gal inside


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10 Years
Apr 24, 2009
After raising 26 rock cross for FFA, we are well equipped with deep clear buckets! So I was so worried about my RIR named Sun overheating with it being 97-98 every day. I also have a new little few week old Barred Rock named Stella Luna. So I moved Sun and Stella in. Sun has a deep bucket with pine shavings...she seems to LOVE it! And after one day has learned when we are "going out"! During the day I am keeping them in and when I get home from work I let her free range and dust bathe. Then she comes back in and nests down in her bucket. Stella is on paper in a dog kennel and seems much calmer. So for next 3 months they will be house pets! Sun is still laying eggs just fine too! My Jack Russell mix Penny loves them and loves watching and playing with them. Now she gets to see them more!
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