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    Which permits and license do I need to sell Rio Grande Wild Turkeys? And what permits do I need for selling chickens in Texas.
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    My understanding is that selling chickens or eggs in Texas has three requirement categories.

    (1) Selling directly from your farm where customers come to you has very little restriction I believe PT testing "may be" required for the birds but def not req for the eggs.

    (2) Selling off your property outside your farm but still having a destination buyer within the state is PT testing required only for birds but eggs require added USDA approval/cert as they are considered food. So, just like eggs at the store they need to be graded and dated etc. If it is clear they are not to be eaten but are for "hatching only" PT testing might be sufficient more research is needed to be sure.

    (3) Selling outside of Texas from a Texas chicken farm varies by state sometimes PT tested is enough but many destination states require NPIP for interstate chicken or egg shipments.

    On your other question, I believe anything other than chickens (Ducks, Turkeys, Guineas etc.) requires a small farm game bird fowl-poultry license to even keep them. Think it's only like $25 but I don't keep those so can't confirm first hand.
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