Thai gamefowl; Meet Featherfeet, Hungry, and Shai


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May 2, 2009
Featherfeet is the little one (he has little feathers on his shanks)
He was hatched from shipped eggs.. and was the only one to hatch out of 16.

Hungry is white with black wings (always looking for food and first to snatch a good morsel even if the other chicks find it first)

Shai black (doesn't like me)

I will update this thread as they get older.

They are all Thai gamefowl.

Featherfeet @2 days old, the other 2 i'm not sure about.. look like 2 weeks (i got the older ones from a relative)

Featherfeet @ 5 days old

Featherfeet is 11 days old now, and the other 2 are 11 days older, from the first pics.

Update! 07/21/2009..
Featherfeet lost his tiny feathers on his feet as he hot older.. but he's ~1.5 months old now.
Out of the other 2 which are about 3-4 weeks older than featherfeet, I believe I got one rooster (the biggest of the bunch) and Shai is the hen.
The spangle is approx 2 weeks older than Hungry and Shai; he was born with a leg problem and cannot walk.. just scuddles around. Somethings weird about him too.. his chest is a lot smaller than the rest.. even Featherfeet who is a good month and a half younger than him.

tooks some pics today of all 4 chickens. the I believe I have 3 roosters and 1 hen. The spangle is the one I hatched earlier this year before the rest that couldn't walk.. his chest area is a lot smaller than the rest.. even the little pumpkin/blue guy. hard to take of pictures of these little buggers, especially the hen, because she would not stop trying to hide.

Hard to take a picture of these little buggers! Especially the hen, because she was always trying to hide behind her brothers.

Update! (10/11/2009)
They are now all approx. 7 months old

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Oct 9, 2009
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Great looking birds! Did'nt know anyone was breeding them in America.
I've been to Thailand a bunch of times. That's the only breed of chicken I've ever seen in the yards there. The markets, however, seem to sell the standard meat birds. I think they use them mostly for eggs, and definately for fighting. Walked into a cockfight one time out in the country. I got a lot of stares I can tell you. Don't think they get too many white tourists at the fights. Aren't they the meanest looking birds you've ever seen? I would love to have them, but I'm afraid they might scare the neighbors.

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