Thai Stags and Pullets


7 Years
Dec 13, 2012
Sacramento, CA
Hi... I am selling some of my Thai chickens. They all come from good bloodlines. Most of these Thai stags and pullets are going to be 5 months on 9/28/14 (end of the month)... They are going to be $100-$200 depending on quality and size of the bird. I also have some nice white Thai chicks that are 3 months for sale. They are going to be $150-$200 each. There bloodline is white dragon/spangle bloodline. Also willing to trade for nice ko shamo. I am located in Sacramento, CA and can ship or local pickup. Thank you for looking. here are videos of there dads.

Spangle 1 dad is the spangle blue pullet.(there mother is a light blue hen).

Spangle 2 dad is father to the all white chicks. (there mother is a all white hen).

White tail dad is the rest of the stags and pullets dad. (mother is the spangle hen, blue hen in the, and red hen in the video).
Pullet 1 spangle blue


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