Thank GOD they moved out!!


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Dec 19, 2009
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Yeah, it was getting stinky with 15 8 week olds in the house! We moved them out today into the stall behind the chicken coop, and I can breathe!!! I love my chickies but as they grow so do their poo piles, and I am glad they are OUT!!!!!!!!!!! They seem much happier too
Wow, you must be pretty tough!

I couldnt even stand having the chicks inside for a week, they are 2 weeks old now and outside in a brooder, and the brand new, days-old laying chicks are out in there with them, as are my new tiny poults.

I have the cornish inside till the weekend, just to monitor how things are going, but judging by the size of the droppings coming out of these teeny tiny chicks, I will probably be up bright and early Sat morning to deal with puttin them out.

Chicken raising is, imo, definately an outdoor activity!
Oh boy, I know that feeling!
Feels great to have them out enjoying the outdoors, and to have your clean air back again. I've raised all kinds of things in my room so this is rather familiar to me. If you include wildlife rehab, it's got to be forty plus species! I think most irritating goes to either ducks, crows, or jays. Messy little buggers! Big chicks get pretty stinky, too, though.
I went through a TON of bedding trying to keep it from smelling!! Dusted every day sometimes TWICE...UGH NEVER I still have 14 week olds in here
They'll be evicted MUCH sooner
Glad the weather is starting to cooperate with me!
My father in law called me disgusting for having chicks in the house. Made me feel like crap.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that cares enough for the chicks! They do stink though. They are 8 weeks old and they were booted out this evening to a small A frame coop with a run. They are happy. But they act like their cold (I wonder why
HA yeah I wonder why...hrmmmmm??? LOL! My little spoiled brats have a heater AND a heat lamp going...I dread seeing the next electric bill
but I can't stand them getting cold and/or sick!!

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