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    Apr 6, 2009
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    14 year old daughter,my 9 year old neice and 8 yrold nephew plus 3 dogs were on dh 6 wheeler at the end of my road(sand pits which is just a sabdy place where the neighbor hood rides 4 wheelers and such. ) flipped the 6 wheeler. all are ok. nephew nothing wrong 3 dogs are all ok. dd and neice are bruised up. dd got the worst of it. she was driving and hurt her shoulder arm leg and ankle. nothing broke. niece just hrt her knee. I am so thankful they are all ok. I was so scared. my nephew ran home and got us nd we ran down there. I was so afraid they were hurt bad. thank you god.
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    yes thank you jesus!
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    ... thank the Lord for guardian angels....

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