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I tried to post but system shut down on me so I will attempt once again. First of all I wanted to thank all of you that posted on this thread. The information is invaluable to someone new to chickens. A little background. I have always wanted to raise chickens but never had the time until I got laid off of my job of 20 plus years. Yes I live in suburbia but do have a 1/2 acre for them to roam. I don't like to do anything unless I am armed with the correct information to get the job done. So before I got chicks I found this site and more importantly this thread and read, and read, and read some more. I got everything before I got the chicks, supplies, coop etc.

I then ordered up 4 Buff Orpington chicks and received them at 2 days old. They are now 7 months old and healthy as can be. I use the deep litter method, have Braggs ACV in their water, 16% layer feed, give them pumpkin, BOSS and melons in the summer, also free choice oyster shell. I read that sometimes you get lucky with your chickens and maybe I did, but really think I was lucky to find this thread and you all. (I have followed the Gnarly bunch and it is awesome).

Anyway my chickens started laying at 23 weeks, averaging 4 eggs a day most days, eggs have always been hard shelled from the get go. They forage from sun up to sun down everyday and are locked in coop at night. They range on grass and sandy soil. No wormers, no antibiotics, no poopy butt, no snootty nose, no bickering just happy healthy chickens that run all day long. They all come when I call and are just a joy to watch.

I am so glad I found you. From some of the other threads I thought I might be in for a nightmare with the HELP posts. And none of them wear clothes, diapers or come in my house. Thanks from sunny CA.
Wow! It's so great to hear of such as success as yours! Aren't they so much fun? And therapeutic; I like to drag a lawn chair out to the chicken pasture in the summertime and just watch mine live life. Congratulations on 4 eggs a day! Nothing can compare to a home-grown chicken egg. Keep up the good work and keep enjoying your little lovelies.

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