Thank you all


8 Years
One of my hens was acting under the weather all of a sudden (laying around, not eating, eyes closed) so I started reading the threads and came to the conclusion she was having issues with her crop. Although it was never enlarged, she did have that weird smell some people have described. So I gave her some canola oil and didn't give her food for 2 days. On the third day she was much perkier and when I gave her cooked macaroni (my flock's favorite treat), she couldn't get enough so I started giving her regular feed and she is doing well..So I wanted to thank everyone for posting their questions and answers. It realy helped my girl get better.

I do have a question (or 2): I brought her into the houseduring her ordeal and now I'm having trouble deciding when to put her back out with the flock because it's cold outside and I'm afraid she has gotten used to the warmth inthe house (probably silly but I love my girls and don't want to stress them out). Is it ok to put her out now that she is acting normal?
Also she hasn't laid since coming in (about a week). Is that the stress of being sick and in the house?

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