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Jul 16, 2009
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So, Iv'e been wanting some silkies so I posted on Craigslist that I was looking for bearded white silkie hatching eggs. I got one response. She said she had a white silkie hen who was brooding some eggs and a black silkie rooster. I asked her how much she wanted for them. She said I could have them FREE!!!! I was told the eggs are not the silkie hen's but do belong to the silkie roo and a RIR hen and astoloup hens. Funny combo. Anyway, I drove 45 minutes and when I get there right away I can tell the roo is not a silkie. I tell the woman, Kathryn, that he's not a silkie. She was very suprised. She got the chickens as chicks from the feed store, they are about 9 months old now, and that's what they had told her. So I went into the backyard and see the hen. Yep, She's definatly a silkie. So Cute! We get the hen and the eggs in a box and head out front for the roo. As we were walking out there I was able to tell her that sometimes people get silkies to incubate other chickens eggs as they are great brooders and good mamas. When we got out front and I took a better look at the roo I could tell right away what breed the roo was!! I suprised myself. Mottled bantam cochin roo. He's gorgeous! (I'll add Pics later). I told them what he was and that the silkies and cochins both have feathered legs so that's how the feed store got the breed wrong. I showed them how to hold them properly and how to hold them upside down when they started "freakin' out" and flappin' their wings. Anyway, they were impressed by my knowledge and hands on experience. I've only had chickens for about a year. Not much longer than kathryn and her family. Thanks to BYC I was able to share my knowlege. I didn't even realize that I knew that much about chickens! Thanks BYC and all the members who post, especially in the "what breed is this" forum. BTW, I was a little worried that the hen would abandon her nest in the move but she's been a true and loyal mama and is very protective of her nest. She's sitting on 3 RIR/banty cochin and two Astroloup/banty cochin eggs.
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Jun 24, 2009
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Great story! Thanks for sharing!

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